#GC79 Resolutions

Below you will find a list of resolutions for the 78th General Convention I’ve covered here at 7WD. For each one, there’s a link to the text of the resolution over at the General Convention office’s online tracker, along with a link to the post in which I have opined on each resolution. See also the #GC79 list of resources.

A001 Site Of 81St General Convention (2024). Full text. Likely vote: YES.

A002 General Convention Daily Agenda. Full text. Likely vote: YES, but with a reservation.

A003 Amend Canon I.1.14(A) On General Convention Approval Of Sites For General Convention. Full text. Likely vote: YES.

A004 Amend Join Rules of Order VII.18. Full text. Likely vote: YES.

A005: Continue a Church-Wide Network For Planting Churches—2018. Full text. Likely vote: YES.

A006: Collect Demographic Data of Leadership. Full text. Likely vote: YES.