Author: Scott Gunn

colorful church with RESOLUTIONPALOOZA written below 2


The introduction to RESOLUTIONPALOOZA, a blogging tour of resolutions to be consider by the Episcopal Church’s General Convention this June. I urge us to keep our eye on the main thing: making disciples of Jesus Christ.


Defined by grace and mercy

A sermon for Easter Day from Christ Church, Glendale, OH. “My friends in Christ, our world is defined by grace and mercy. That is the Good News of this Easter Day.”

Eating the Word of God

A meditation on the collect for Proper 28, which sets before us the purpose and beauty of scripture. This reflection is from a set of meditations I gave at a retreat at Calvary, Pittsburgh some years ago.

Lessons from a crisis

Reflecting on my health crisis of last summer, I realized I learned quite a few practical lessons. In case it’s helpful to others, I’ve shared a bit of my story and lessons learned.

Of preservation and blessings

Every day I pray the General Thanksgiving twice, once each at morning prayer and evening prayer. Very recently, I’ve been praying one line with particular fervor: “We bless thee for our creation, preservation,¬†and all the blessings of this life…”

Committee 16: Churchwide leadership

The resolutions in the churchwide leadership committee’s brief don’t all deal with leadership per se. Perhaps a more fitting name would have been churchwide leadership & sundries.