Resolutionpalooza News Update: Here are the latest resolutions

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  1. Sarah Lawton says:

    HI Scott! Wonderful to connect in person this evening.

    Quick note about the TPS resolution: It’s a clean-up resolution. Our previous TPS resolutions addressed specific populations and are doing a lot of heavy lifting for the whole program, which has become a significant stop-gap program given our government’s failure to enact comprehensive reform. This resolution addresses the whole program and also addresses some of the issues with TPS in its current form (for example, by supporting a TPS –> citizenship route). Our OGR staff is so very careful to stay within the specific language of our resolutions and would have more room with this addition. I hope it is adopted on the consent calendar in both Houses.

    Anyway, do come by our table and get some San Francisco chocolate đŸ™‚


  2. Nancy D Stevens says:

    I have a question about B008 Amend Canon II.3.6.a and II.4 to clarify authorization of liturgies, specifically regarding the wording of Alternate Psalter. What is the bishop diocesan approving? As an example, can you explain how permission to use the St. Helena Psalter in parish worship would work?

  3. Margaret K Zeller says:

    Hey, Scott! Have you checked the consent calendar for tomorrow, Sunday? Two task force resolutions asking for $2.6 million.
    I’m Maggie Zeller from Columbus, here as a volunteer.

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