Author: Scott Gunn

Committee 15: Ministry

As you can see, I’m not going through the legislative committees in order. For various & sundry reasons, I decided to start with this legislative committee, which focuses broadly on “ministry.” The committee a...

Book Cover Easter Triumph Easter Joy

Easter joy…in Lent?

Today is the official launch day for my latest book, Easter Triumph, Easter Joy: Meditations for the Fifty Days of Eastertide. As the title suggests, it’s a set of meditations for the full Easter season in which I explore the hope that comes to us in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


The Epiphany Proclamation 2022

In an annual tradition, here is the customary Epiphany Proclamation of liturgical feast days, to be read out at services on the Feast of the Epiphany and shared with the faithful.

Watching & Watching cover

An Advent Word Delivery

Waiting & Watching is Forward Movement’s new Advent book, created in partnership with the Advent Word. Here is a sample meditation from yours truly and more info about the book.

Bible with smartphone

Preaching in a time of pandemic

We should always preach Jesus Christ and him crucified, but this time requires attention to the situation in which we find ourselves. Phillips Brooks’ urging to preach the truth with personality can be helpful. What stays the same now? And what changes?