Committee 19: Title III ministry

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  1. I could understand the “best kept secret” memes a decade ago, but in an era when we’ve had umpteen seasons of Call the Midwife, the miniseries remake of Black Narcissus, and Sr Monica blowing up TikTok, I feel like you’d have to really go out of your way to avoid exposure to the existence of religious life in the Anglican Communion!

    • Scott Gunn says:

      Sure, for people who access church social media or who read church stuff. But I can tell you that your average pew-dweller in most parishes has no idea. How would they know, unless they happen to attend a parish that is close enough to a religious order that a nun or monk stops by occasionally?

  2. I’ll post a second comment rather than combine conversations, but as an ordinand for the diaconate I do find it a little Scrooge-like to expect us to be both non-stipendiary and also to fund our ministry ourselves. This year’s national deacons conference for the ACoC is on the west coast: the airfare alone would set me back several thousand dollars. My bishop has been pretty good about making funds available; not all are so munificent. But perhaps the funding model is different in the US-based church?

    • Scott Gunn says:

      I would hope that any church which receives the ministry of a deacon is also providing some modicum of professional development and expensive reimbursement for that deacon. Sadly, that’s not always the case. One should let bishops know when this is going on, so perhaps a bishop can help create a fair situation for everyone.

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