Later resolutions: sweeping up

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  1. Richard Pryor says:

    Hey Scott, as part of the team who helped draft D059, we are very aware and link to the document in A039. We even say we want to see it shared publicly and not just commended and then never looked at again. This resolution gives next steps, for lack of a better word, to SCEIR based on our drafting team’s own scholarship and relationships with Jewish leaders and civil rights orgs. There is never enough we can do to fully make amends for how the church has treated the Jewish people – we must always ask what’s next that we can do to repent and change our ways.

  2. (The Rev.) Lynn Carter-Edmands says:

    Hi Scott. Thanks so much for your helpful blog! I am the proposing deputy of D064, the purpose of which is to bring consistency to reporting across canonical requirements and to create a time frame for distributing to canonically required entities information about Accords, Orders, and notices of Release and Removal pertaining to TEC clergy. This canonical amendment is informed by my conversations with the Director of the Office of Transition Ministry. A few things:
    • This amendment does not add to the OTM system any confidential information in the form of attached or stored information either within the system or on an individual OTM Portfolio. What it would do is note on an OTM Portfolio the month and year of an Accord or Order, or notice of Release and Removal, and the name of the diocese where information about these actions can be found.
    • The current canons require a copy of the notice of an Accord or Order to be inserted on the individual’s OTM Portfolio. Current practice provides more information (the actual notice, although not the details) and takes up more space to house the notice than the canonical amendment would require.
    • To be consistent across the canons, this method would apply to release and removal of deacons, priests, and bishops. Again, no confidential detailed information about the release and removal would be noted on the OTM Portfolio other than that the clergy person is released and removed from ordained ministry within TEC. This is helpful information during transition processes.
    • Of note, those with access to OTM portfolios in the first place remain Diocesan Transition Ministers, Bishops active in a diocese (diocesan, provisional, active suffragan, etc.); and Episcopate search consultants who are approved by Office for Pastoral Development.
    • The updated user OTM interface (currently in the works) would probably meet the requirements of this canonical amendment by including pull-down selection fields for month, year, diocese, and a short-note.
    • Finally, this amendment also requires 30 days in which dioceses must distribute (according to the canons) any notices of Accords, Orders, and notices of Release and Removal; currently no time frame is set.

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