Committee 2: Constitution & canons

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  1. Susan M Paynter says:

    I’m just a regular lay person who won’t even be at General Convention, and I don’t think of myself as a “church geek,” but I do care about the church. I’ve really enjoyed reading all your briefs and comments on the proposed resolutions. I agree with almost all of your opinions, and certainly agree with what seem to be your guiding principles in evaluation. Thank you very much for your work on this project!

  2. Paul Ambos says:

    In 1979, we as a Church refused to “sanction[] the existence of two authorized Books of Common Prayer”. 1979-A121 (, but proposed A0191 would effectively do just that.
    Was the Title IV proceeding against Bishop Love not instructive?

    • Scott Gunn says:

      But 1979-A121 authorized the continued use of the 1928 book. It has not been a problem for our church to allow folks to use the 1979 BCP or the 1928 BCP according to local context and preference.

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