Gihembe Camp

When a dwelling place is not a home

In some ways, Gihembe is not very different from other densely populated villages. Each family has its own mud shelter. These are quite small at about twelve square meters each. There are schools, medical facilities, and places to worship. By the standards of this part of the world, conditions do not appear to be terrible.

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Sharing a pilgrimage

I’m on Kenya right now on a pilgrimage with Episcopal Migration Ministries to visit a refugee camp and learn more about the work of resettling refugees. This is not your usual pilgrimage to holy places, but rather it is a pilgrimage to see holy work and to meet holy people. It has already been transformational, and we just finished our first full day in Kenya.

Good Friday: Let us embrace the Cross

A sermon preached on Good Friday 2014 at Church of the Ascension, Chicago. From the Passion according to St. John, “And again another scripture says, ‘They shall look on him whom they have pierced.’”...

Singing the Sarum blues

A few days ago, I posted a ridiculous photo on Facebook (on your right), making a joke about how Advent was finally getting some retail love — including Gaudete Sunday. See there? Purple hats...

The Sharknado Church

After my recent blog post on zombie churches, the Crusty Old Dean rightly pointed out over on Twitter (where I hope you’ll follow me) that zombies are so 2012. The COD challenged me, nay,...

The message of canceled church services

UPDATE in 2020: I see this 2013 post getting some attention today, in June 2020. This blog post was written in 2013 in response to issues with winter storms in New England. For those...

How to liven up your Annual Parish Meeting

It’s annual meeting season. Back when I was a rector, I liked them to go smoothly, like well-scripted legislative machines. Now that I merely attend the meetings, I prefer to see some fireworks. So,...