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Committee 13: Stewardship & socially responsible investing

Jesus said, “for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” How are we doing, church? These resolutions are all about how we invest the funds of the Episcopal Church and other church institutions. Finally we are beginning to take some strides toward moving our hearts by reinvesting our funds.

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Committee 12: Agencies & boards

Today we look at resolutions about agencies & boards. Probably the most noteworthy material concerns the “Denominational” Health Plan. Read on to learn why I used scare quotes and to see how we can lower costs of our health insurance coverage in the church!


Committee 11: Formation & discipleship

Time to look at six resolutions geared toward formation & discipleship. While there are only six, this is of course not the only place where discipleship resolutions come up. But still, let’s hope for MORE discipleship, not just resolutions, but the practice of discipleship at General Convention and in our church.

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Committee 9: Evangelism & the future church

At this General Convention, we have 36 resolutions on public policy, in which we tell others what to do. And here we turn to the two (!) resolutions on evangelism. We really need to figure out how to be better evangelists soon! Hopefully these resolutions push us in that direction.

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Committee 8: Congregational vitality & data-driven initiatives

Arguably the most important topic in our church — and the one we refuse to talk about — is the massive decline we’ve experienced in the last decade. While I’m not interested in numbers for their own sake, these numbers do indicate our effectiveness at making disciples. These resolutions address congregational vitality.


Committee 4: World mission

This batch of resolutions focuses on our mission to care for people — friends and strangers — around the world. My hope is that we will be stirred to significant action, not mere expressions of concern.