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Blue’s Clues: Bishops’ Committees

The House of Bishops has two committees which have submitted reports, theology and pastoral development. In the latter report, there are proposals for a new canon to remove impaired bishops. It’s a good start but needs work.


Blue’s Clues: Miscellaneous Boards

The Episcopal Church has various agencies and boards, and most of them have written Blue Book reports. Here you go. There’s only one resolution to look at. Mostly, this is a chance to learn more about their good work.

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Blue’s Clues: Study of Marriage

Since 1976, our church has been moving toward recognizing the “full and equal claim” of LGBTQ persons in the life of the church. Here we have an opportunity to march onward. The task force has given us lots to think about, and plenty to do.


Blue’s Clues: Sexual Misconduct Policies

This task force updated the 2004 policies on prevention of sexual misconduct, so the report here contains Updated Model Policies for children and for vulnerable adults. They have resolutions to create training materials. It’s important stuff.

Provinces episcopal church

Blue’s Clues: Provinces

Provinces were conceived to allow regional collaboration in a horse & buggy age. But that age has passed. In a jet & network age, do we need provinces? Are we using them effectively? Here are my thoughts, along with a bit of Star Trek, Princess Bride, and more.

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Blue’s Clues: Dual Call Couples

This task force studied “issues of deployment, equality and justice for dual call couples” and concluded there were “no substantial differences” between clergy couples and others. So it’s good we know that now, and we can move on to the next thing.

Episcopal Cathedral Havana

Blue’s Clues: The Episcopal Church in Cuba

The task force proposes a resolution which “welcomes with joy the request of the sisters and brothers of the Episcopal Church in Cuba to reunite with the Episcopal Church.” My hope is that this resolution is passed and that our churches reunite for the glory of God and so that we may together proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.