Preaching in a time of pandemic

2 Responses

  1. Bernie says:

    In following a rabbit trail recently while perusing the web I was brought back to Billy Graham. His transformed life and the simplicity of Billy’s message never changed over the course of his lifetime. Because he believes (knows), of what he speaks we can believe and trust his words and message. Personally I am having a very difficult time connecting with people over a computer screen and not being able to connect with the person makes hearing what they are actually saying very hard. I think one thing that would really help in these difficult times is to back up to a simpler message that easier to understand.

  2. Mary Hinkle says:

    Thank you for this, Scott. As a lay preacher facing my first sermon under these new conditions (on May 24), I’m happy to receive your thoughts. I tend always to go short rather than long, so that won’t be a problem. And I’ve served as a lector from home for Zoom services for Holy Cross, Dunn Loring, VA. So I guess the challenge will be finding the message. Waiting for the Spirit to hit me!