Preaching and discipleship

2 Responses

  1. Donna Wessel Walker says:

    I love everything about this. I am looking forward to watching the webinar. As a licensed lay preacher, I strive to do the things you outline here, and I listen for them in the sermons I hear. Thank you.

  2. Mamie Ellingham says:

    May I weigh in as a layperson and long-time sermon- listener? I have not viewed the webinar but found your points interesting and would like to add the following preaching advice:

    Calm down. It’s the food, not the flourish. It’s not a play, and you are not an actor.

    Don’t try too hard to convince us. You can explain it for me, but you cannot understand it for me.

    The story that you opened with? Tie it in later on. Even if it seems obvious, say how it relates.

    Repeat the main point three times. Maybe on paper it looks unnecessary, but listening is hard.

    Yes, listening is hard. Make your printed sermon available, if you can. Some people learn better by reading.

    As you say, do the work. A strong message is the best delivery you can give.

    We come to hear what we don’t hear elsewhere. Go easy on the pop culture references.

    Challenge me before I go.

    Thank you, all preachers. We appreciate you.