What is Truth? A reflection on the neglected reality of Truth with a capital T

7 Responses

  1. Cindra Gray says:

    Maybe you should run for president? Anyone suggest that yet? Could you imagine truth coming out of any politician’s mouth? I’ll send you your first campaign donation!

  2. Judy Avery says:

    As I read this I thought of Mitt Romney and his recent vote that he felt called to through his faith and his promise that he would speak truth

  3. Lizbet says:

    Thank you. Excellent piece which calls us forward and helps set the way to continue discussions of Truth with my congregation

  4. Menalcus Lankford says:

    A personal question which I hope you, Rev Scott Gunn, will respond to. Are you related to the late Rt. Rev George Gunn, who I remember as a child as the Bishop of Southern Virginia?

  5. Cori Borges says: