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Bible with smartphone

Preaching in a time of pandemic

We should always preach Jesus Christ and him crucified, but this time requires attention to the situation in which we find ourselves. Phillips Brooks’ urging to preach the truth with personality can be helpful. What stays the same now? And what changes?


Our next Presiding Bishop

Sometime tomorrow we will all see the slate of nominees for Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. I’ve been thinking about the challenges our next Presiding Bishop will face, and I wanted to get some thoughts jotted down now, before we know who the nominees are. I don’t want to be seen as campaigning for a particular person.

The message of canceled church services

UPDATE in 2020: I see this 2013 post getting some attention today, in June 2020. This blog post was written in 2013 in response to issues with winter storms in New England. For those...