Social media and Christian witness

3 Responses

  1. Glenna Geiger says:

    Thank you, Scott, for taking the time to think deeply about this issue. This is important for all of us, for the health of our souls and for the sake of the world.

  2. Katrina Soto says:

    Excellent reminders for all of us, not just those in leadership positions. I have to work at not attacking the person who supports that which I find repugnant. ( While at the same time standing up to the source of repugnance itself). I have been attacked for my political/ social views by Facebook friends and strangers alike. It hurts. There is never a need or justification to be unkind.

  3. Evelyn C.Miller says:

    Scott, you have given me meat to chew on instead of milk to drink; these are hard sayings. By that I mean so hard to do it right! I have hesitated so long when confronted in social media by someone who sees spiritual, political and human things so differently than I do, to express what I see as the truth in love, that I mostly don’t say anything at all. Most of my FB friends find themselves on the same side spiritually, politically, and humanly as I am…but not all. On some of the hot-button human issues of today, I am on a completely different side than I used to be! I need to remember, at my older and possibly wiser age of 77, that people can change! When I feel the Holy Spirit move me within, I am going to try “speaking the truth (as best I know from experience) it”! Thank you for your deeply felt words. I heard them and I agree.

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