How to kill your church by misusing the internet (church websites, part 3)

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  1. Mary M.MacGregor says:

    TRUE, True, true. Scott, thanks. It never ceases to amaze me that many churches leave extremely outdated calendars and events on their websites. That screams they don’t care about communications. If we can ever get across that websites are primarily for the seeker and secondarily for the member that would be a huge AHA! for most churches.. People are anxious about decline in attendance. Website attractiveness, the story it tells and the information it conveys are basics. Thanks for the articles. Keep them coming!

  2. Peggy says:

    The Episcopal church closest to my house continues to keep their special service times (Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday), a deep, dark secret as far as the website is concerned. Another lists several sets of Sunday service times, which makes me mistrust all of them.

    This has caused another person in the pews at the local Lutheran church.

  3. A few more things you can do to kill your church…

    – Keep the info on your website 3-6 months out of date. Promote your Easter service in July!

    – Use lots of insider language no one outside your church can relate to.

    – Bling your church website with animated doves, spinning crosses and animated fire gifs.

    – Don’t put any pictures on your website at all so no one has any idea what your church, people or services look like.

    – Don’t bother making your church website mobile-friendly, I mean it’s only half of website visitors who won’t have a good experience trying to view your site on their phone and mostly young people.

    Keep up the good work, Scott!