NEWS FLASH! BREAKING EXCLUSIVE! The color of the so-called Blue Book revealed!

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  1. Kim says:

    Old-timer computer people will talk about their “Green Card” which contained useful information on assembly language on IBM Computers. My first “Green Card” was yellow.

    Insiders always use jargon.

    What would be helpful is telling me what the blue/salmon book contains or why it is important.

    Will I see it in my pew?

    Does it contain new hymns, prayers, ways to deal with pesky church-mice or Vestry-calming techniques?

  2. Bob Chapman says:

    As an legal alien in the US to show you their “green card,” and you won’t find too much green on it.

    There are things to get worked up about in the Episcopal Church. I think the calling something the “Blue Book” would go in my “C pile.”

  3. As a CofE type, I too wonder what is carried in procession but is not a Bible (or lectionary)?

    And now I have to tell you that in the world of UK securities listing, the old yellow book is now purple. Not because you’ll be interested, but because apparently wih just the first paragraph my comment was too short.

  4. Well, thank God I grew up in a time when the Episcopal Church’s Zebra Book was really zebra…

  5. MadPriest says:

    “Blue” could refer to the content rather than the colour of the book. Although, in this case, I fear I would be disappointed if I was to purchase it based on such an assumption.

  6. Bob Chapman says:

    I still have a Zebra Book! Along with a Liturgy of the Lord’s Supper and a hard bound Services for Trial Use. I should have a copy of the Draft Proposed Book of Common Prayer (1976) around here somewhere–and the Draft PBCP was blue.

  7. Cate says:

    Salmon pink? Ewwwww.

  8. Jay Croft says:

    My high school newspaper in Bloomfield, Conn. was the same color and its official name was “The Salmon Sheet.”