Article XXXVI: Of consecration of bishops and ministers

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  1. Reverend Ref says:

    Why do some people want to talk about four orders of ministry? Is this talk helpful, or not?

    It very well might come from the push (reclamation?) to get the laity to think of themselves as ministers — as well as getting ordained persons to value the ministry of the laity.

    In short, we are, I think, moving away from seeing ordained persons as having to do “all the ministry” for the church to be valid. Talking about the laity as “an order,” while technically incorrect from your viewpoint, is helpful.

    When I was recently installed, I melded the Celebration of New Ministry from the BCP along with the Recognition of Ministries (or whatever that’s called) from the BOS into one service. Called up members from every aspect of the parish I could think of, gave a gift, and had them commissioned. Then had everyone stand up and be commissioned “for ministries to which you will be called.”

    So, yes, helpful.