How to liven up your Annual Parish Meeting

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  1. Laurie Atwater says:

    These are extraordinary! I don’t think #6 will go over in Hingham, though — I hear they get a custom roast from a local cafe. Lucky ducks…

  2. Eric Funston says:

    I thought Sam Waterston already WAS arch-doge of the Hingham parish.

  3. Pseudopiskie says:

    If I weren’t Bishop’s Warden, I’d be sorely tempted to try these today. Likewise #6 wouldn’t work. We do have good coffee. Thanks.

  4. Muthah says:

    Another one–at least from the rector’s point of view: Announce your retirement. It works every time!

  5. Helene says:

    A couple of years ago, when the Indianapolis Colts (our city’s team) was playing in the Super Bowl against the NO Saints, I made a motion that “just for today, let’s change our church’s name from ‘ALL SAINTS’ to ‘ALL COLTS.’ ” The motion was denied, but it was funny.

  6. Lambkin says:

    Most parishioners aren’t familiar with Roberts Rules of Order. The result is that issues are decided and rushed through by the ones who already hold the power – the ones who know those rules. At our annual meeting, no one could catch a breath as the process whizzed by. Not very democratic.

  7. Peggy says:

    Excellent suggestions, especially #1! The guy who used to do that retired to Florida, so maybe I should take over. I look forward to our annual meeting next week.

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