Article XXIX: Of the wicked, which eat not the Body of Christ in the use of the Lord’s Supper

2 Responses

  1. Bob Chapman says:

    There was a time I absented myself from receiving communion, there being a division within a congregation of which I was a part. It was a parish in “the search process,” and some things weren’t going well.

    The priest at the neighboring parish tried to reason with me that I was trying to live in love and charity with my neighbors in the parish, and that is what counted. My thought is that the division still existed, no matter what I wanted.

    I only returned to communion after there was a parish meeting scheduled with a conflict counselor assigned by the Diocese. That, and the other side chose not to show up at the meeting. At that point, I decided that my spiritual life could not be held hostage by those who chose to not participate.

    There was a break in the Body of Christ, and it needed to be acknowledged just as much as acknowledging Christ in the Sacrament on the Altar. You can’t work on a problem you don’t acknowledge.

    (I won’t go into further details here.)

  2. Derek Michaud says:

    It would seem that a good part of the intent of this article is to deny that the material elements have power in their own right. They are not “magical” objects that can be manipulated. They are sacramental elements that must be received properly in order to communicate grace.