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Bible and iPhone

Prayer on the go

There’s not a wrong way to pray. Have a look in the scriptures, and you’ll see people praying all kinds of ways — and you’ll see folks who fail to pray very well at all. St. Paul exhorts us to pray without ceasing, but that prayer can take many forms. For some people, the daily office works brilliantly. For others, contemplative prayer is where it’s at.

Twitter tools

I had been meaning to put some stuff on my blog, but today brought special incentive. I was preaching at St. Edmund’s, San Marino, CA, and during the announcements, the most excellent rector, the...

Ordain Thyself with thy iPhone

Who needs a Commission on Ministry any more? That’s right, friends, the smartphone age is ready to sweep aside another archaic practice into the dustbin of ecclesiastical history. The soon-to-be-released app Ordain Thyself will...

Playing games with the Bible

No, I’m not talking about some people who like to play games with the Bible. This is about a video game developer’s effort to create entertainment from the Bible’s narrative. This game is based...

Computer acting up?

Is your computer misbehaving? Maybe prayer will save you (or your computer). If you need a reminder to pray, this USB hub might be just the thing. Wave of the dongle to Yanko Design.