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Watching & Watching cover

An Advent Word Delivery

Waiting & Watching is Forward Movement’s new Advent book, created in partnership with the Advent Word. Here is a sample meditation from yours truly and more info about the book.

Let us prepare a dwelling place

This is the last in a series of meditations on three Advent collects. Here are the meditations on the collects for Advent I and Advent III. These meditations were given as part of an...

Stir up thy power, O Lord!

The second of my meditations on collects for an Advent quiet day offered at St. Stephen’s, Providence. The first meditation is here and the third one here. Collect for the Third Sunday of Advent...

Cast away the works of darkness

This is the first of three meditations on collects I offered today for an Advent quiet day at St. Stephen’s, Providence, RI. The second meditation is here and the third one is here. It...