Angels: setting the record straight

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  1. Bill Locke+ says:

    Greetings from the Society of Catholic Priests conference where the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels was wonderfully kept with a Solemn Pontifical Mass, Frank Griswold presiding, and a solid sermon from our chaplain.

  2. Reverend Ref says:

    There’s a reason nearly every time angels appear to humans in scripture, the angel begins by saying, “Be not afraid.”

    I’ve been saying this ever since I had to preach my first sermon involving angels: Angels are scary, SCARY dudes. You do NOT want to meet an angel.

    And the whole “angels don’t sing” thing . . . That may be technically true, but I have a hard time envision the host of angels appearing to the shepherds in Luke NOT singing. It’s just so boring otherwise.

  3. Eric Gregory says:

    Thanks for this – I missed good preaching/teaching about angels this week at YDS/BDS and loved reading your thoughts.

    Allow me to share one of mine:

    The Feast of St. Michael and All Angels will forever be known to me now as the Feast of Mikey and the Fly Boys, thanks to Div School friends 🙂

  4. Kendall Lockerman says:

    In my book of poems, Seasons, Saints & Angels, I’m very cautious with what I attribute to angels. Though they are mentioned in several poems, enough to earn a place in the title, they are afforded appropriate reserve for mystery and for being unlike any other beings.

  5. The Welsh Jacobite says:

    “The Bible does not talk about guardian angels. […] There is certainly nothing in the Bible which would suggest that angels are assigned one-on-one to watch over particular people.”

    “Nothing that would suggest” is a bit strong. Matthew 18:10 and Acts 12:15 were taken by the Fathers (e.g. S. Jerome) to imply the existence of guardian angels.

    “Cherubim and seraphim are plural words”

    Rather pedantic. Earlier English is happy to treat them as singular, e.g. Psalm 18:10 (B.C.P./Coverdale): “He rode upon the cherubims and did fly.”

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