Social media in parish ministry

These are the notes and some resources from a presentation I gave at the Diocesan Resource Day in the Diocese of Massachusetts on September 25, 2010. If you have questions or things to add, please let me know!

Ways to use social media
Evangelism – Reach beyond the current congregation to share the Good News
Formation – Teaching the faith
Fellowship – People can enjoy conversations & interactions with one another
Outreach – Raising awareness of the needs of the community & world

Or (from Ministry Best Practices)
Call to Action

Or Inviting, Forming, Sending, Serving

Some guidelines
Be safe!
Have fun!
Update regularly!
Involve others (especially the clergy & lay leaders)!

Channels for social Media
Social space (friends, groups) –
Regular updates, real time –
Photos –
Location –
Videos –
Blogs –

Setting up Facebook
Create a page (not a group or a profile)
Follow similar rules to in-person gatherings
Post photos, videos, notes and tag people
Share the work, interact often
Link on website, email newsletter, promote in leaflet

Websites/Links to check out

Bonus Links! Not on the handout!

Resources on Facebook for congregations

The video I showed — “Is social media a fad?”

A great article in The Atlantic Monthly on embracing technology

Thanks to @FatherTim for the video and @HeyToepfer for the Atlantic article.