Using social media in your congregation

These are the notes and some resources from a presentation Fr. Tim Schenck and I gave for the Biennial Conference of the New England Deacons Network on October 2, 2010. If you have questions or things to add, please let us know!

This is not a fad. For 2,000 years, Christians have used cutting-edge technology to build community, proclaim the Good News, and build God’s kingdom.

Social media is about…
Evangelism – Reach beyond the current congregation to share the Good News
Formation – Teaching the faith
Fellowship – People can enjoy conversations & interactions with one another
Outreach – Raising awareness of the needs of the community & world

Some guidelines
Be safe!
Have fun!
Update regularly!
Involve others (especially the clergy & lay leaders)!

Channels for social Media
Social space (friends, groups) –
Regular updates, real time –
Photos –
Location –
Videos –
Blogs –

Setting up Facebook
Create a page (not a group or a profile)
Follow similar rules to in-person gatherings
Post photos, videos, notes and tag people
Share the work, interact often
Link on website, email newsletter, promote in leaflet

Websites/Links to check out

Bonus Links! Not on the handout!

The video we showed — “Is social media a fad?”

Resources on Facebook for congregations

A great article in The Atlantic Monthly on embracing technology

Thanks to @HeyToepfer for the Atlantic article.