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Day 10

From here. Bonus points if you can identify all ten of the lords.

Eye candy for the evening

This has nothing to do with anything, but this photo does evoke “party!” at least for me. This photo was created by “camera tossing”, which is just what it sounds like. If you want...


An extraordinary video about the feelings of displacement experienced by a Korean immigrant to the US. The artist, Hye Yeon Nam, was awarded the Runner Up in the Grand Prize category of the Metropolis...

London in vegetables

I’m not sure what I could add to this item. An artist has recreated bits of the London skyline in veggies and fruit. No doubt there is some kind of metaphor here which would...


This time-lapse movie is breathtaking. When you finish watching that, go have a look at these photos. Now, doesn’t the world seem better?

This Advent calendar is far out

The Big Picture Blog does it again. This time it’s a fantastic Advent calendar. (OK, actually it’s a first-25-days-of-December calendar, but I can overlook the error.) Each day brings a new photo from the...

A feast for the eyes

I’ve posted links to the Big Picture Blog here many times, and I’ll probably keep doing that. It’s a great blog, with all manner of delights, wonders, and challenges for the eyes. They’ve really...


The 7WD General warns you that viewing this might bring a sense of mystery, joy, and holiness to your day. Thanks to the Creedal Christian.