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The scourge of heterosexuality

Image from Wikipedia Tobias Haller has written a brilliant essay, “God’s Judgement on Heterosexuality”. From the opening section, “Origins in Creation”: The inability of heterosexuals to form lasting, stable relationships has long been noted....

Holy faith in the Holy Land

As it has been widely reported, a delegation of ECUSA folks visited Jerusalem during Holy Week. Among this group was our Presiding Bishop, as well as blogging Bishop Christopher Epting. Go visit his blog...

De Mille is De Man

Thanks, Bishop Alan. This is just the thing we needed to make the Old Testament come alive.

Scripture, tradition, and reason

It’s true that the “three-legged stool” of scripture, tradition, and reason doesn’t really come from Richard Hooker. Still, these three facets of our faith living in tension define Anglicanism. Sometimes his trifecta is misused...

Social networks in the Bible, graphed

Chris Harrison has produced some remarkably beautiful and information-rich graphics to illustrate social relationships in the Bible. You can read more on his website. (Via Boing Boing, via kottke).