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Tangled Up in Blue: Provinces

While our nine provinces certainly do some good, they also add a layer of polity that we should be able to trim way to free up resources of time and money for other work. It’s important that no one think that I or anyone else would say provinces do no good. Rather, the opportunity cost of keeping them is higher than what they accomplish.

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Tangled Up in Blue: Rules of Order

Our current President of the House of Deputies, the Rev’d Gay Jennings, has expressed her desire to reform the way the House of Deputies does business — and also to work for General Convention as a whole to legislate more efficiently. Some of this work can be done simply in the way the PHoD carries out her work. Much of the reform effort relies on streamlined and revised Rules of Order for the House of Deputies.


Tangled Up in Blue: Marriage Resolutions

Whatever we do at this General Convention, I hope we will do it graciously. We should be kind to one another, and we should realize that we have things to learn from those with whom we differ. In our speech and in our action, I hope we will model the love of Jesus Christ which is the same love that animates the very marriages we are discussing.