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Tangled Up in Blue: Examining Chaplains

Today we come to the General Board of Examining Chaplains. Their job is to design and administer the General Ordination Exam, the most common way to verify that priests about to be ordained have achieved competency in seven areas of knowledge as specified by canon.

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Tangled Up in Blue: State of the Church

We come to the House of Deputies Committee on the State of the Church. If you read only one report in the Blue Book, make it this one. It’s just over 20 pages long, with about 15 pages of appendices, all chock full of data on the vitality of the Episcopal Church.


Tremendous crisis, great joy

A few weeks ago, I spent three days with five friends writing material for General Convention to consider. Yes, this was the epitome of church-geekery. And it was great fun. It’s hard to see how we got anything done amidst nearly nonstop laughter. Yet we produced about forty pages (!) of resolutions and a memorial for General Convention to consider.


Our next Presiding Bishop

Sometime tomorrow we will all see the slate of nominees for Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. I’ve been thinking about the challenges our next Presiding Bishop will face, and I wanted to get some thoughts jotted down now, before we know who the nominees are. I don’t want to be seen as campaigning for a particular person.

Tangled Up in Blue: Executive Council

The Executive Council of the Episcopal Church has written several reports for the Blue Book. There are reports from various committees of Episcopal Council, and there is the Council’s main report. Today’s fun is focused on the Council report itself.

Tangled Up in Blue: On a TREC for Jesus

The Task Force for Reimagining the Episcopal Church was chartered at the 2012 General Convention in a moment of unanimous euphoria, the hopes of 1,000 bishops and deputies for a better church manifest in…a task force.

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Tangled Up in Blue: Introduction

I’ll blog my way through the so-called Blue Book again, offering my sense of how I’ll vote and some thoughts about why. By the way, this time, the so-called Blue Book is “so called” because it’s actually blue (a fact which 7WD exclusively revealed), but it won’t actually be a physical book.

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Sharing a pilgrimage

I’m on Kenya right now on a pilgrimage with Episcopal Migration Ministries to visit a refugee camp and learn more about the work of resettling refugees. This is not your usual pilgrimage to holy places, but rather it is a pilgrimage to see holy work and to meet holy people. It has already been transformational, and we just finished our first full day in Kenya.