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Mary mosaic from Nazareth

The means of life

Everything we need to know about God is revealed for us in Jesus Christ. When we can see that, we partake of the brilliancy of God’s light. A lovely image, yes?

Who can stand when he appears?

What I want to commend here is the idea of preparing ourselves, with some urgency, to meet Jesus. Our meeting with Jesus may be at the Last Day, or it may be in the sacraments tomorrow, or it may be in the prisoner or the hungry tonight.

When God gets real

One of the ways to understand Christmas could be to think of this day as a celebration of God getting real. Oh, God was real from before the creation. But with the exception of...

Happy *ring* holidays?

Like loads of Christians, I don’t much care for the phrase “Happy holidays!” I’d rather that folks would offer good wishes according to their beliefs, or lack thereof. Lowest-common-denominator pluralism is boring. This pablum-speak...

Nom nom nom nativity!

This spectacularly delightful and/or offensive manger showed up in my blog hopper a few days ago. It’s called, not surprisingly, “Meat Manger.” This wonder is a gift of the improbably named Greg Chow. Of...

Most highly favored

Here’s a bonus hymn on this Feast of the Annunciation. If it seems too “Christmasy”, tough. That’s the way it works with incarnation. Emmanuel gets right up into your Lent-face.

Oh, TannenBOOM!

Here’s the perfect solution for disposing of your old Christmas tree. As the video says, “I think this really goes to what it means to be an American at Christmas time.” If you decide...