Committee 12: Liturgy II (Calendar resolutions)

3 Responses

  1. Scott — I’m a bit troubled with the apparent acceptance of Lesser Feasts and Fasts 2018. It really needs a lot of work, and maybe it is getting/will get it. (1) A number of traditional and popular saints that have been in LFF and many Anglican BCPs for many years apparently have been dumped. (Ask me and I’ll name them!) It looks like the Corrected Proposed Calendar deals with some of these. (2) A lot of editorial repairs need to be done — some probably just typos, others actual content mistakes. I wrote to the SCLM about this a few weeks back, but obviously this issue has moved on. Frankly, I think the General Convention should simply say, “Basically good stuff, but it still needs work; bring it back in 2024.” Footnote: dropping DuBose: Absolutely. Adding Harris: Absolutely. Adding Charles the Martyr: Nope.

    • I wonder if you might be looking at the proposed LFF 2018 rather than the final version, since the version that General Convention ultimately approved did not cut or move anyone.
      (Strictly speaking, no one ever would have been actually cut, but the proposal was to have a leaner LFF and a more expansive Great Cloud of Witnesses, with LFF functioning more like the General Roman Calendar and GCW being a much wider list of people recognized as worthy of commemoration. But people didn’t like the idea of having two different books, so it didn’t go anywhere.)

  2. Rev. Antonio Regist says:

    Dr. Artemisia Bowden was recognized by The Episcopal Church at the 78th General
    Convention in 2015 as a Holy Woman and is now included in the Church’s Calendar of
    Commemorations on August 18.