Committee 20: Environmental Stewardship & Care of Creation

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  1. Nathan Brown says:

    Thanks for your thoughts and excellent suggestions on D027! This is my first convention, so I am excited to be able to take a small step forward in encouraging the Church challenge itself to travel less and utilize virtual options to help reduce our carbon footprint and create savings for our budget we can use in other areas of Ministry. (The Church nerd in me is also shamelessly giddy for being able to have my love of both Jesus and Roberts Rules of Order indulged for several days!)

    I really like your proposed amendment to add more “teeth” to the resolution. I confess I had thought of adding a bit more teeth to it, but I wasn’t confident that, if I did, it would get passed without encountering significant resistance. With all that said, I would absolutely welcome an amendment to this resolution or, if there is not time given this shortened convention, seeing the goals in this resolution strengthened further in future General Conventions following the excellent suggestion you mention to place the onus on people who want to meet in person to justify the expense and carbon footprint.