7WD answers your actual questions for 2013

questionsIn annual tradition, 7WD answers your questions. These are actual questions readers like you typed into Google to get to this blog. Here are the posts from some previous years (2009, 2010, or 2011).

Remember, these are selections from the nearly 4,000 Google queries that we received this year.

Do angels look scary?
Yes. They are terrifying. I sorted this all out in a popular blog post, where you can also find the answer to another question we got a bunch of times, “Are angels dead people?” No. Your Uncle Fred doesn’t become an angel; he gets to stay Uncle Fred for eternity. Angels are totally different from humans, not humans who passed the angel entrance exam.

Are angles frightening to look at?
Not to me. If they frighten you, look at spheres.

Does canceling church services often cause church not to grow?
Yes. So don’t cancel church.

Does the American Episcopal Church own a private jet?
If it does, I’m annoyed no one has given me a ride on it.

Do Anglicans believe in predestination?
If they do, it was meant to be.

How to make a cute bento box lunch?
Easy peasy.

How to make a lenten wreath?
No. Just no. No, no, no, no. Like blue vestments, this is something made up by church goods sellers. No.

Do Episcopalians really believe in the 39 Articles?
Some do, but most of us are selective. If you really want to get hip to the 39 Articles, check out my 39-part series on them. I am not making this up.

Why do people sin after being baptised by Holly Spirit?
Well, first of all, I don’t know what the “Holly Spirit” is. Maybe it has to do with Santa Claus? But if you were talking about the similarly named Holy Spirit, it’s because we’ve fallen and we can’t get up, spiritually speaking.

Are all the canons of ecumenical councils binding?
Not really — which is good, because those who invoke them (“No kneeling during Easter!”) usually ignore a bunch of other ones (“Priests can’t take communion from deacons.”).

Does the Episcopal Church welcome Republicans?
I hope so, though you wouldn’t know it from some of the things leaders say. On a related note, “What are fun facts about Republicans?” can be answered here.

What is the article twenty six says about unworthiness of the ministers, which hinders not the effect of the sacraments?
That’s a very specific question, but the 7WD answer vault has it right here.

Is ACNA growing?
Not really.

Is Advent a penitential season?
Yes, it most certainly is.

What can we do with political resolutions?
Just say no.

What is Lent Madness?
Let me ask you a question in reply. How can you not know the answer to that?

Where was Jesus and what was he doing the third week of Lent?
Um, Lent wasn’t invented back then.

Why do clergy have so many different color shirts?
I don’t know, but all colors except black are mistakes. Perhaps an exception can be made for bishops.

Why does the church live in fear?
I don’t know. The church should live in hope, not in fear. Also, beware the sharknado church (and see the movie).

Why is he climbing a mountain?
My favorite question of all, because I dearly love the answer.

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2 Responses

  1. relling says:

    How about another question. Do you encourage people to light Advent candles at home? Do you think that should be part of Advent devotions? Truth to tell, it is a practice that we have sometimes tried, but never seems to work well. We end up attaching it to grace at meal times, and it just gets strange and awkward, and the food gets cold, and the kids roll their eyes.

    Oh yes, Happy 2014.

  2. relling says:

    One more question….I am reading Anthony Trollope’s Barchester Towers again, after many, many years. What do you think of his portrayal of the Church of England and the selection of bishops…Do you think it has any similarity to what goes on in our church today?

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