Zombie Church: The Movie

My recent post on zombie churches went viral, at least compared to many 7WD posts — perhaps because the topic struck a nerve, or maybe it spread because it was a lighthearted way to get at a serious issue in our church. Frank Logue suggested that this would make a good video, and I quickly sold gave way the video rights. He did a fantastic job.

This would be a fine film attraction for your next vestry meeting, don’t you think?

Coming soon: Sharknado Church: The Movie

P.S. I wrote this post on my iPad, where getting the embed codes sorted out was tricky. If the embedded video doesn’t work, try this link.

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2 Responses

  1. Sam Norton says:

    Superb! Thank you. (Just realised that sounds like one of those new spam commenting things – this is a true genuine reaction from an English Rector ;o)

  2. Sarah Nyhan says:

    Thank you for this Scott!! I appreciate you placing appropriate and thoughtful reminders in a format that really draws people in – this gives me many ideas for youth ministry this year.

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