Ordain Thyself with thy iPhone

Ordain Thyself

Who needs a Commission on Ministry any more? That’s right, friends, the smartphone age is ready to sweep aside another archaic practice into the dustbin of ecclesiastical history. The soon-to-be-released app Ordain Thyself will let you ordain yourself in moments. In an age in which some folks think you ought to be able to receive Holy Communion whether or not you are a baptized Christian, this app is perfect. Unsatisfied this week as a priest? No worries, you can be a rabbi. Next week, try out life as a nun.

Also, for the humor challenged. this app is not meant (I hope) meant to be taken seriously. And please don’t get worked up by this blog post. I really don’t want a jihad declared against me by a real imam, as opposed to the iMams ordained by their iPhones.

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1 Response

  1. Gary Goldacker says:

    NOW I really have to get an iPhone! And it could settle the question of what I do after this interim gig.

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