Hell hath a vending machine

As we think about the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ this week, I hope we’ll get past Anselmian atonement theory to look at other facets of Christ’s death. Mind you, I’m not — unlike some others — objecting to atonement theory per se, but rather suggesting we might look to the ancient church and to the scriptures for complementary views. Take, for example, the vanquishing of hell. This year, I will miss hearing John Chrysostom’s brilliant Easter sermon at the Great Vigil, which puts everything about Easter, about Christ’s death, and even about our life into a transformational and simple message: God’s love is stronger than anything else. Christ’s resurrection is the proof of God’s power and love.

Anyway, that’s the real point of this blog post. But today GraphJam had a cartoon which seemed timely. Perhaps if you are preparing for Palm Sunday you’ll welcome a few seconds of levity. And then there are opportunities to ponder the question: are there, in fact, vending machines in hell?

Hell's vending machine

Wave of the candy bar to GraphJam and Pleated-jeans.

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