Has Forward Movement gone mad for Lent Madness?

A few people have asked me why Forward Movement got involved with Lent Madness. It’s a fair question. Nancy Davidge from the Episcopal Church Foundation asked me, and I have give an answer which she posted on the Vital Practices website.

Don’t let the laughter and the saints wearing sunglasses fool you. St. Paul challenged us to be all things to all people. Lent Madness is helping us connect with people who won’t connect through pamphlets or church suppers. Lent Madness makes us “fools for Christ,” but we’re definitely for Christ.

Read the whole article. And visit Vital Practices often. By the way, let me just say, “Tim Schenck.” He gets touchy if I mention Lent Madness without also mentioning that he created it.

Oh, and if you haven’t “liked” Lent Madness on Facebook, now would be a good time.

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