The story of Jonah

I love the story of Jonah, a tiny sliver of which pops up in tomorrow’s lectionary. Here’s some lovely art with panels that tell much of Jonah’s story. The artist is John August Swanson.


Last fall I preached about Jonah (and the Gospel reading for that Sunday). Pretty much any time I have a chance to talk about Jonah, I’m going to do it. It’s not a story about a guy who got swallowed by a fish. It’s a story about a person’s struggle to follow God and God’s faithfulness. Trivia point: Jonah is the only 100% successful prophet in the entire Bible. Only Jonah manages to show up, to tell people to repent, and then to see the whole city do just that. There’s more I could say.

Instead, I give you some videos, ranging from sublime to ridiculous.

Buddy Greene sings “Jonah And The Whale”

Louis Armstrong illustrated.

Abbott & Costello offer their Captain Jonah and the Whale Routine with Peggy Moran

Never ask this girl to tell the story of Jonah. If you are preaching after she finishes, you will pale by comparison.

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2 Responses

  1. Erp says:

    Actually he wasn’t successful in that his words weren’t fulfilled. His words were “Forty more days and Nineveh will be overthrown”. There is nothing about ‘unless you repent’. However, the city did repent without being told to do so, God relented, and Jonah was a bit upset that his prophesy wasn’t fulfilled.

  2. Mother Anne says:

    Lou Costello managed to work the three-legged stool into the story. Ha!

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