Top ten of 2011

In an annual tradition, and in keeping with year-end roundup stories in the media, here are the top blog posts of the year, based on page views. Enjoy a blast from the past on 7WD!

  1. Hymn for Maundy Thursday: Brother, sister, let me serve you
  2. Practicing our slogan
  3. Of the 39 Articles of Religion
  4. Holy women, holy men? Whatever.
  5. Of the General Ordination Exam
  6. Angels: setting the record straight
  7. Killing in the name of Jesus
  8. Death by grief
  9. Article I: Of faith in the Holy Trinity
  10. To reinvigorate the life of the Church

On this list, numbers one and seven were posted last year, but they continue to be popular thanks to Google. The next two posts if we limit ourselves to this year’s content would be Advice for the HoB: Don’t try this! and The seven deadly LOLcats. If you enjoyed this trip down memory lane, here is the roundup from oh-ten.

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