An Advent miscellany

Advent candleHappy new year and holy Advent to all! My resolution for liturgical new year is to devote some more time to 7WD, so I’ve lined up an Advent feast. But first, I have a few appetizers. In no particular order:

  • Sure, the Advent Conspiracy is a few years old, but it’s still fantastic.
  • Trinity Wall Street is offering their online calendar again this year. Visit it regularly.
  • Our English-speaking Romish sisters and brothers are getting introduced to a new liturgical translation today. While the imagery is more vivid than the 1960s Vatican II work (this is a good thing), it is a retrograde step theologically. This matters to Anglicans and other Christians because the Vatican’s liturgical work ends up influencing the rest of us (usually this is a good thing too). Anyway, the folks driving this liturgy have a real theological axe to grind, and axe-grinding rarely leads to positive developments.
  • If you only buy one Advent recording, get this one. Or this one. Well, you could do pretty well with this or this, for that matter.
  • We at Forward Movement will be posting loads of great stuff throughout Advent on our Facebook page. If you haven’t already done so, you might want to find us on Facebook.
  • There’s a whole treasure trove of Advent goodness right here on 7WD. I especially commend to you my investigative report on the worst Advent calendars ever (correcting yet more errors from my archnemesis in the process).
  • UPDATE: Here’s a late-breaking nugget from St. Margaret’s in Annapolis, MD. This Advent podcast series is organized by my former coffee buddy, Peter Mayer. I only listened to one, but I think there’s probably quite a bit of talk about hockey on these things. Enjoy!

This Advent, I’ve decided to post a series of rants thoughtful posts on liturgy, mostly looking at various bits of our eucharistic rite.

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