Playing games with the Bible

No, I’m not talking about some people who like to play games with the Bible. This is about a video game developer’s effort to create entertainment from the Bible’s narrative. This game is based on the story of Enoch. What’s that? You don’t know about Enoch?

Enoch is perfect as a game hero. Totally righteous dude who went straight to heaven without dying. Superhero powers. Mystical. Probably had access to nifty superweapons, and certainly would have had a cool wardrobe, featuring a cape and some stretchy plastic. Or its ancient equivalent, perhaps made of reeds and clay.

The CNN story quotes Shane Bettenhausen:

“The mythologies of the Western world are kind of off-limits in neo-modern popular culture. Everything biblical is off-limits unless you are trying to make something didactical,” he said. “We felt most Christians in the Western world don’t know this story.

“We felt there was some value in presenting this story modernizing it and basing a game on it, because it does have a good template of hunting down these fallen angels, bringing them back to face justice in Heaven.”

Some people will be annoyed by this. I dunno. Seems to me that this is a 21st century way to make the Bible a bit more interesting to a few more people, not all that different from Bible board games and goofy Sunday School antics. Sure, it’s all about mammon this time: the game company isn’t doing this as charity. But some of the players will want to read more about Enoch. Once they finish Wikipedia, they’ll be diving into the Good Book.

I’m thinking there’s an opportunity for Episcopalians: Samuel Seabury: Superbishop. Travel great distance in strange lands to receive ancient powers! Form a church against fierce resistance! Defeat unitarians! Form alliances with Lay people! Obtain and wear a miter!

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