Bach on Trinity Sunday

Back when my time in churches was spent on an organ bench, I used to play this sometimes on Trinity Sunday. There’s no actual connection between Bach’s präludium and the Holy Trinity, just a proliferation of threes and the sublime scope of the piece. (My performances tended toward a Schweitzer tempo, but this one is a masterful and zippy performance.)

If you want some “real” Trinity music, check out this Bach cantata, some music by Messiaen, or perhaps this Festival Te Deum of Britten. If you want an old-fashioned CD for the occasion, this is your buddy.

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4 Responses

  1. Barbara Baxter says:

    Great performance — but YouTube didn’t credit the musician or the instrument — could you? Thanks for the other links, too.

    I “grew up” with the Schweitzer tempos, etc., but was rehabbed by Emmet Smith at TCU, who brought new life into my sense of musicianship, thanks be to God!

  2. Scott Gunn says:

    Barbara, if you click through to view the video on Youtube (as opposed to embedded on 7WD), the info there. It’s Ton Koopman on the Mueller organ of the Waalse Kerk (Amsterdam). There’s even a stop list.

  3. Barbara Baxter says:

    Thanks, Scott — I’ll go to YouTube for more information. I wondered if it was Ton, because his style is very crisp.

  4. Adam Armstrong says:

    Hi-Do you mind saying what the piece is or giving its BWV nmber?

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