Lost in communication

Context is enormously important as we communicate. I’ve written a bit about this for Vestry Papers. To receive a message correctly, you have to read the situation. Don’t get mad at someone for being brief on Twitter. Don’t be offended by religious speech in a church. And do not take The Onion seriously.

Some people simply can’t get this right. I am both horrified and amused to discover there’s a blog devoted to the failure of Facebook users to know that The Onion offers satire. A sample:

Every now and then, someone gets really steamed at me for something I’ve written here on 7WD. I used to think it was usually my failure to communicate well. Surely that’s exactly what happens now and then. But I am getting more and more convinced that a sizable percentage of people just can’t read the tone of communication. These are the people who ask, when everyone else is laughing, “Are you joking?”

So in case it’s not clear: 7WD consists of the ramblings of yours truly (and staff at 37 offices in the 7WD Global Media Empire). Some stuff here is purely devotional. Much of what you read is intended to be provocative, especially if it’s about church. Some have described this as a “teaching blog,” but I prefer the genre “sacred snark.” Enjoy! Or not. It’s your choice.

Whatever you do, please check the tags on my posts. The ones intended to be funny are almost always tagged “humor.”

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