But where are we headed…?

Every week, Agnus Day posts a cartoon about the Sunday lectionary readings. They are usually funny, and often they are thought provoking. Here’s the one for this coming Sunday.

That seems about right. At the beginning of the Palm Sunday liturgy, we just can’t quite imagine where the joy is going to take us. It always strikes me as strange when so many people say Palm Sunday is their “favorite” Sunday. How can this be? What makes it better than, say, Easter or Pentecost or even the First Sunday in Lent? My observation is that many folks who call Palm Sunday their favorite are the same folks who skip right past the Triduum. They find power in the triumph and passion as it is expressed in our liturgy. And they would be blown away by the Triduum Sacrum if they ever gave it a chance.

Do you know someone who skips the Three Holy Days? Encourage them to give it a try this year. I always promise people their lives will be changed if they come to all three services. No one has ever challenged me on that claim once they’ve lived through Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Great Vigil of Easter.

I do love a parade. And I love the Palm Sunday parade, even though it is calling us to take up our cross and follow our Lord on a difficult journey.

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