Top 10 of Oh-Ten!

Top 10Here are the Top 10 posts on 7WD this year, based on page views. Draw whatever conclusions you like. In any case, have fun reliving great moments on 7WD!

  1. In support of Dan Martins
  2. Tales from ACNA-Land: Duncan says Canterbury is “lost”
  3. Anglican Communion woes? Be not afraid.
  4. Killing in the name of Jesus
  5. Hymn for Maundy Thursday: Brother, sister, let me serve you
  6. Parsing Synod — what have they done?
  7. Michelle Obama (and everyone else) wears purple
  8. Tales from ACNA-Land: “Church Militant” gets new meaning
  9. Tales from ACNA-Land: Putting the shoe on your foot
  10. Of “bonds of affection” and misplaced anxiety

Note that number 10 on this list was actually a post from 2009 that surfaced on a conservative blog in 2010. So to round things out, the tenth most popular post written in 2010 was Episco-upgrades: Reclaim the mission.

Some themes emerge. My writing about the Anglican Communion, in which I either point out that the world will not end, despite dire predictions from the far right, or in which I point out ridiculous things the far right has said, are pretty popular. Anything you write about the First Lady seems to get traffic. And it helps to be one of the only blogs around that has taken up the apparently popular hymn, “Brother, sister, let me serve you.”

I am always willing, dear reader, to write about things in which you are interested. Please do let me know what you’d like to see here. On more than one occasion, I’ve written things by request. My whole “Tales from ACNA-Land” series was the result of a reader suggestion. I was somewhat surprised, by the way, not to see more popularity with my “Episco-Upgrades” series. Hmm.

It’s also worth acknowledging the temptation to pander to the blogosphere. Certain kinds of posts are more likely to generate buzz and traffic than others. It’s the same principle which causes your local teevee news to adopt the “if it bleeds, it leads” philosophy of journalism. Based on that awareness, you can see why some blogs are very popular and others are not. I am proud to be inconsistent on this front here at 7WD. Occasionally you’ll see the bleeding edge here (hopefully with a humorous angle and a generous spirit). Mostly you don’t see too much of that.

Feedback is always welcome. Thanks for another good year of blogtastic writing, reading, and conversation.

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