In the beginning was the Word. Now, enjoy some words!

dictionaryAfter preaching three sermons on the prologue to John, my mental pump was primed to enjoy a word-related treat, thanks to MeFi. Robert “Dr. Goodword” Beard has compiled lists of 100 most beautiful words and the 100 funniest words in English.

So now I have a few beautiful words to work into my sermons. I will be using words such as cynosure, efflorescence, fugacious, mondegreen, petrichor, susurrous, and wafture. Fortunately for me, the word Epiphany is on the list too, and it shouldn’t be too hard to work that one into a sermon in the near future.

For those moments when one needs levity in a vestry meeting, I have a ready list of suitably funny words. Our leaders can expect to hear me using such words as batrachomyomachy, cockalorum, fartlek, gardyloo, smellfungus, and unremacadamized. I shall have to be careful though, lest I be accused of bloviating (another word on the list!). And decorum (combined with Safe Church guidelines) will prevent me from using the word callipygian.

Bonus points for anyone who can use eight or more of the 200 listed words in a comment.

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  1. Samantha says:

    I am pleased to see that Susquehanna made the list!

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