Friday in the fourth week of Advent: Blessed be the God of Israel

It isn’t Christmas Eve until sunset. So here’s our last Advent poem, taken from the Gospel reading in the office.

Blessed be the God of Israel,
who comes to set us free,
who visits and redeems us,
and grants us liberty!
The prophets spoke of mercy,
of freedom and release;
God shall fulfill the promise t
o bring our people peace.

Now from the house of David
a child of grace is given,
a Savior comes among us
to raise us up to heaven.
Before him goes the herald,
forerunner in the way,
the prophet of salvation,
the harbinger of day.

On prisoners of darkness
the sun begins to rise,
the dawning of forgiveness
upon the sinner’s eyes,
to guide the feet of pilgrims
along the paths of peace.
O bless our God and Savior
with songs that never cease!

Words: Michael Perry, based on Luke 1:68-79.

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