Theme song

A lovely setting of the hymn text for which this blog is named.

Thanks to choralcathedral1. By the way, this video comes from the webcast of a Sunday service at Washington National Cathedral. I’d encourage you to tune in regularly for some excellent music and fine preaching.

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2 Responses

  1. Ginny Gibbs says:

    It was the Hymn of the Month for all of October for us – we sang it every week, first as an anthem, and then as a regular hymn. I think the first week, it was either an organ prelude or postlude. One of my favorite hymns to sing, and one that our choir director aims to get in our parish DNA (before her arrival it was not a musical parish at all).

    Of course, the best verse is the “title” verse, because who doesn’t love to belt it out beautifully?

  2. Malcolm says:

    In Canada, we use Gwalchmai.

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