In support of Dan Martins

An Open Letter to Standing Committee Members and Bishops with Jurisdiction:

We’re writing today because we know Dan Martins, priest in the Diocese of Northern Indiana and bishop-elect of the Diocese of Springfield.

A number of us disagree with him on many things. But we agree with him about many things too. We all believe with Fr. Martins that Jesus is Lord, for example. We also believe with Fr. Martins that clergy and bishops of The Episcopal Church are bound by their vows to uphold the doctrine and discipline of the church and to abide by The Episcopal Church’s constitution and canons.

Dan MartinsWe know Fr. Martins as a person of integrity, who is honest almost to a fault. He has made no secret of it when he has disagreed with us. That’s part of why we take him at his word. But more importantly, his actions speak volumes about how seriously he takes his vows and how faithfully he will strive to fulfill them as a bishop. He served in the Diocese of San Joaquin at a point at which its power structures were discussing how, not whether, to distance themselves from TEC. Fr. Martins consistently argued against placing TEC apart from the Anglican Communion. He advocated against joining a para-TEC structure. But more importantly, he’s still here. When the power structures of his former diocese were trying to set an unalterable course to leave TEC, Fr. Martins left his diocese, not TEC.

We hope you will read his description of what happened in San Joaquin and his intentions toward TEC:

Dan Martins is in The Episcopal Church, and is committed to staying there. The clergy and laity of the Episcopal Diocese of Springfield want him to be their bishop. We see no impediment to his being consecrated as bishop, and we see ways in which his ministry as bishop in TEC could benefit our church even more than his ministry as a faithful TEC priest under challenging circumstances has. He has been faithful to the doctrine and discipline of TEC, he has vowed to do his utmost to keep every congregation under his care within TEC, and we support him in that.


Ms. Sarah Dylan Breuer, Diocese of Massachusetts and Member of Executive Council
The Rev’d Tony Clavier, Diocese of Northern Indiana and Alternate Deputy
The Rev’d Scott Gunn, Diocese of Rhode Island and Deputy
The Rev’d Matt Gunter, Diocese of Chicago and Deputy
The Rev’d Tobias Haller, BSG, Diocese of New York and Deputy
The Rev’d Stephen Moore, Diocese of Olympia and Deputy
The Rev’d Bruce Robison, Diocese of Pittsburgh and Alternate Deputy
The Rev’d Mike Russell, Diocese of San Diego and Deputy
The Very Rev’d George Werner, Diocese of Pittsburgh and past president of the House of Deputies

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9 Responses

  1. Bryan Owen says:

    Impressive. Thanks for sharing this, Scott.

  2. David Knight says:

    I am happy to endorse Fr. Martin as well, as a member of the S.C. of the Diocese of MS. I think we need him in the HoB.

    David Knight

  3. I know Bishop-elect Dan Martins quite well and enthusiastically endorse, as did my bishop here in Rochester, his election as the next Bishop of Springfield. I can attest that the signatories of this letter have it right. Bp-elect Dan is loyal to the Church, loyal to TEC, and will serve well the good people of Springfield with whom he shares so much in common.

    Craig Uffman
    Rector, St. Thomas’ Church
    Rochester, NY

  4. Henry G Randolph Jr says:

    Thank you for publishing this good letter. I have worked with my friend and colleague, Fr Dan Martins, in various capacities and think him a fine priest of deep devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ and commitment to the Episcopal Church. He will serve well and faithfully as Bishop of Springfield and a member of the House of Bishops, for the glory of God and the benefit of the Church.

    Henry G Randolph Jr
    Rector, St David’s Parish, Elkhart IN
    Vocations Director, Diocese of Northern Indiana
    Deputy, GC 2009, 2012

  5. David L. Hyndman says:

    I can say “Amen” to all that Henry Randolph has said. I too am a colleague of Fr. Dan Martins. He is a priest with a pastoral heart and a fierce commitment to the church. While not always on the same page on theological issues, I trust his integrity implicitly. He is a man of his word.
    David L. Hyndman
    Rector, St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church
    Gary, Indiana
    Member, Diocesan Council of the Diocese of Northern Indiana

  6. Fr Alexander says:

    Thanks for this, Scott.

  7. I say amen to all that is said above, and I offer my signature as well.

  8. Peter Carey says:

    Thank you Scott,
    I agree that this is a great thing to share, and I am glad to see the signatories come from some diversity of perspectives on theology and practice. A heartening sign!
    Peter Carey

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