A boatload of laughs

The Ship of Fools has had a joke contest. They’ve got a list of the ten funniest and ten most offensive. I would not recommend looking at the offensive list if you are easily offended. You have been warned. But by all means, do go look at the funny jokes. Here’s a sample.

The Trinity were planning a holiday. The Spirit, manifesting the creative part of the divine nature, was coming up with the ideas. “Let’s go to New York,” he suggested.

“No, no, no,” said the Father, “They’re all so liberated, they’ll spend the whole time calling me ‘Mother’ and it will just do my head in.”

So the Spirit sat back and thought. “I know, what about Jerusalem?” he said. “It’s beautiful and then there’s the history and everything.”

“No way!” the Son declared. “After what happened the last time, I’m never going there again!”

At this point, the Spirit got annoyed and went off in a huff. Sometime later he returned and found that the Father and Son had had a idea they both thought was excellent:

“Why don’t we go to Rome?” said the Son.

“Perfect!” cried the Holy Spirit. “I’ve never been there before!”

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  1. Ethan Gafford says:

    I really liked the Immaculate Conception joke. You don’t hear enough of those.

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