Sundries galore!

SundriesAs I embark on a vacation, I’m trying to empty out my blog hopper. Here are a bunch of things I might have blogged about, given more time. Enjoy!

  • You all those bits about firmament and sheol in the Old Testament? Next time you are leading a Bible study, this stunning graphic will help explain how the writers of the Bible saw the world. There’s nothing that wasn’t in my Bible 101 class in college, but this graphic is way more beautiful. Thanks to The Lead.
  • Grieving is always hard work, and everyone’s grief is unique. I was moved by the vulnerability of my colleague in writing about her own grief. Beyond her willingness to open up a well of emotion and struggle, there is great strength and faith in her blog post. Have a read, and say a prayer. Hankering for the Holy, indeed.
  • When is the last time you used a floppy disk? Do you miss them? Of course not! So why is that in the rest of our lives, we are willing to let things go, but in the church we insist on clinging to outmoded things? I’m not talking about matters of faith, but simpler things. Service leaflet? Bound hymnals? Printed newsletters? Pews? Let’s allow the church to move on, shall we?
  • Generosity begets generosity. Even in computer operating systems. Try being generous. The benefits are amazing.
  • Time to bring back morning prayer? Dan Martins+ wonders what the church is doing to offer itself to the unchurched. Perhaps Solemn Mass isn’t the best way to do this? I remember a few years ago, before I was ordained. I was singing in the Trinity Choir at Trinity, Copley Square. Each Sunday, close to 1,000 people packed themselves in to savor Rite I Morning Prayer. Lots of college folks were in their number. Perhaps Dan is on to something…
  • Did Jesus die on a cross? Maybe not. Still, the author is making noise with semantics. Whether he died on a cross or a tree, Jesus brought our salvation. Still, it’s interesting to wonder if we got it wrong with the cross as a symbol.
  • Craig Uffman, fellow priest and blogger extraordinaire, is moving on. He’s not going to stop blogging (I hope), but he’s going to a new cure. No doubt he’ll be missed where he’s been serving, but I also have every confidence that his new congregation will benefit from his faithful leadership.

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2 Responses

  1. The “Jesus-didn’t-die-on-a-cross” thing sounds very familiar, and I’m pretty sure I read about it in a Jehovah’s Witness tract when I was a kid.

    Asking us to get rid of the hymnal is expecting a bit much, in light of the fact that we haven’t gotten rid of the candles or the chasuble yet. (I don’t want to get rid of either candles or chasubles, just pointing out that once something makes it into the liturgy it’s there for good.) I wish we could get rid of service leaflets, though. I think praying from a pamphlet is tacky, and would much rather navigate the BCP.

  2. Oh, and Herbert W Armstrong’s old Church of God outfit also is into the tree trunk motif.

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